Learn to build a website with basic HTML

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Welcome to our course ‘Learn to build a simple website with basic HTML’.

In this onlineĀ  course of 8 lessons in which you learn how to build a simple website on your own computer.
This new created website will not be online, but it is a fully functioning site, with multiple pages.
Via the menu you can click through one page to another. And you can put your own texts and own photos on your pages.

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How is the course built up
In every step you learn a new aspect of building a webpage

  • Lesson 1: You install an html editor on your computer and create your homepage (you get a ready-to-use sample code)
  • Lesson 2: You learn how to change the look of that homepage
  • Lesson 3: You put your own texts in the page
  • Lesson 4: You put your own photos on this page
  • Lesson 5: You create a menu bar with menu buttons that link to other pages
  • Lesson 6: You learn how to create multiple pages
  • Lesson 7: You add some code to your pages for browsers and search engines
  • Lesson 8: Final advice





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