Interview with Loet Konings – Digital for All Generations

Era digital disebut-sebut sebagai eranya millennial, dunianya generasi millenial. Sehingga banyak yang merasa sudah bukan masanya lagi untuk belajar digital dan merasa terlalu tua dan sudah ketinggalan.

Saya bertanya pada Loet yang sudah menjalani dunia digital dari awal kariernya puluhan tahun yang lalu dan sampai sekarang banyak membantu orang muda yang ingin belajar mengenai digital:

Vika : Do you think digital is a millennial world? So how about people who are not a millennial like me?:)

Loet : Oooh no, they think it is.  Each new generation finds its music the most beautiful, often a derivative of the music of older generations. Each generation is unique. My experience is that millennials are very handy with the computer and very educational, but that’s not enough. They also need to work hard to get more IT skills that may be important for their future. And it is difficult for them too. I have worked a lot with young people, they are often searching and need guidance too, but continue their work very independently. In addition, the digitization had long started before the millennial came from school.

I think they are more global citizens than previous generations and are also willing to take more risk. They often dream about personal and social progress, and dare to transform their dreams into acts more often. You definitely find them all over the world.

But Vika of you, I know that you are also very instructive, digital computer skills, and are a specialist in a specific area.  So it is for all generations and all can do it as long as you still want to learn within your capacity and your scope. No worries!

Vika : Ok Loet, thank you for your sharing, nice to have you with your plenty experience and willing to share with us here.

by Vika17


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