Digital Nomad & Recommended Places in Indonesia

There are several destinations in Indonesia for digital nomad to explore & work in beside Bali:

Ubud, Bali

Ubud is one of area in Bali and it is artisan area, green village area with rice terracing,  painter’s home and  beautiful crafts.

So many places to stay from affordable guest house to the luxury hotels with very beautiful view.

Go for the nature seeing terracing, mountain tracking, traditional market, art market, temples & local ceremony and create your life experience, once in a life time in Ubud.

For digital nomad, Ubud also has best co working spaces to enjoy working time in nature.



Gili Islands, Lombok

Lombok is a neighbor island of Bali, with beautiful blue sea and beach surround the island.  Also the well known Rinjani volcano is in this  island. Very beautiful green land and traditional life of people can be seen in the villages. People in Lombok live in their own culture which different with Bali. Lombok is also well known with their beautiful pearls  from the blue see.


Batu, Malang

Batu is surrounded  by several mountains, not too far from Malang and it is a tourist area, a very cozy city to stay  with nice air and cheap living cost.

So many places and nature can be explored in Batu & Malang, from pine forest, waterfall, mountains, beach to  apple Malang  the most famous and healthy fruit.


Kaliurang, Yogyakarta

Located in central Java with traditional  Java culture can be found here such as the grand beautiful temples Prambanan, Borobodur, Ratuboko, nice museum Ullen Sentalu and also you can find so many beautiful ceramics in Kasongan village.  A special only from Yogya such as  Gudeg  is the most famous culinary.  Easy to find Batik in Yogya the traditional  textiles with special pattern and color. The most active volcano mount Merapi is lying in here creating  lush land of Java. This city makes you create plan to comeback.

by Vika17

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