Course, Coaching & Training

Discover your unique talents and leverage them to benefit others in this digital era.


Explore our diverse range of courses designed to strengthen your online presence. From fundamental to advanced lessons, we offer training in social media usage for businesses, digital marketing, content creation, and enjoyable website development. Apply this knowledge to enhance your skills and thrive in the digital world.

The Program Courses are short and modular training programs tailored for small groups or individuals.

Courses Programs

  • Social media for business
  • Advance social media for business
  • Digital for the “gaptek” & old people
  • Digital Marketing for beginner
  • Fun Website making
  • Content creation for online business
  • Writerpreneur


Our coaching program offers personalized one-on-one training sessions designed to guide individuals towards specific goals, such as business development for independent digital workers and website creation. With direct guidance, participants are empowered to achieve success in their field.

The coaching program is a personalized one-to-one training package designed to assist and mentor individuals according to the program followed until the program goals are achieved.

Coaching Programs

  • Business developing for independent digital worker
  • Website creation


The group training package provides intensive learning in key areas such as digital escalation, digital marketing, and business development for independent digital workers. With a focus on specific topics and set timelines, participants will develop relevant skills and implement effective strategies in the digital age.

The program consists of training packages aimed at groups for specific topics within a set timeframe.

Training Programs

  • Digital escalation
  • Digital marketing
  • Independent digital worker