Learn to build a website with basic HTML

MOW01 Lesson 1 – You install an html editor on your own computer and create your homepage – Copy

Lesson 01 – How To Build a Website

Welcome to this course website for beginners


This first lesson is part of the course how to build a simple website.

What you need at least for building your own site is an HTML editor. Because if you open a webpage in a browser, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, you can not change its content at that place.  But if you open that same webpage in an HTML editor, then you can edit and change the content.

The html editor that we are going to use in this course is Brackets . This is a free program, which includes both a Windows, Mac and Linux version.


  • Install the Brackets program on your computer.
    See the video Install-Brackets for how-to-do.
  • Createin Brackets an empty file (File – New) and give the name html .

Copy the sample code from  (thus <!DOCTYPE html> to </html>) and paste it into your index.html page. See the video Create-Index-html for how-to-do.

  • Make elsewhere on your computer a subdirectory and save your page and open it in your browser. Do this by double-click on the filename ‘html’.
  • Read thisarticle about the basics of HTML so you have a little understanding how the code of your HTML page is built.

Your website does not look so beautiful at the moment, but after the next lesson it will




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