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Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya melakukan interview dengan Loet Konings mengenai bagaimana peran digital bagi perempuan dan sebaliknya. Banyak hal yang saya dapatkan, sangat memberi semangat dan inspirasi terutama bagi para perempuan apapun profesi dan bidang yang digeluti saat ini.  Loet sangat mendukung jika perempuan mau belajar dan meningkatkan skill digitalnya.

Berikut adalah interview saya dengan Loet secara tertulis in English

Vika :  Hi Loet, thank you for your time here and really appreciate it..

Vika : Need  you to share your opinion, should  everybody goes to digital now days?

Loet : This is a difficult question. Digital has many sides. If you mean working with computer, the mobile phone, use the internet, then surely. But should anyone be able to program well and build websites, I do not think so. By working together you can be complementary. The one builds the website, the other creates a good design or has a lot of knowledge about marketing like you. You can not know  everything. My motto is always, bundle your knowledge and skills and communicate. For the latter, digital skills are a must.

Loet : I was lucky to be able to experience all developments in a technical IT environment from the beginning of the computer age. I always realize that not many women are employed in this sector. In the Netherlands, there is still a lot of work to be found in that sector, however  only few women went for a job in the IT  while women are as good in beta as men. It will not be much different in Indonesia, I suspect. So personally, I embrace all initiatives to make women aware of those opportunities. Do not matter if you do this in earnest or as an independent.

Loet : Are you a digital person, if you use the computer or your smart phone. I think so. How important it is that you can use a computer,lap top or smartphone  is well known to everyone. It has, for example, provided the strong growth of digital communication from young to old, from mail culture to the use of the social media internet applications.

ALso we all know the app world, because everyday we use it on our phone. The one app is not the other one. There are lucky developers  to earn a lot of money, but are they by definition the better programmers, the “digital persons”. Absolutely not, their idea and application comes at the right time. Sometimes you also have to be lucky in this world. Does this make  you then a digital person?

Baca juga pendapat Loet, apakah kita harus belajar technical seperti coding, website dll?

Vika :What is the digital  trend in Europe? Do you think women in Indonesia also need it?

Loet : Digitization has changed society and the economy all over the world and not just in the IT sector. No one can imagine a life without the internet. Digitization allows you to reach the world, anyone from anywhere in the world. This is something beautiful. You can use this phenomenon in various ways to achieve your goals. This applies to everyone, so also to women.

Baca juga pendapat Loet, apakah digital adalah hanya dunianya kaum millenial?

Vika : Ok Loet , thank you for your sharing, so insipirational and motivated us here.

See you in the next interview..hope one day we can set a live interview and friends here can ask directly to you..

by Vika17


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